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Announcing the Morclēr by Zija


The latest and greatest in the Natural Health Revolution joined the ranks of Zija products at Zija Summit 2017! Say hello to the Morclēr—a revolutionary home water filtration and purifying system. No plumbing or installation required!

Now more than ever, there is a need for clean, unpolluted water—and while water that comes from your tap may seem safe and drinkable, it can contain various pollutants that you never knew were there. That’s why Zija developed the Morclēr water purification system.

Zija’s Morclēr water purifier is the easiest way to positively impact your health, the health of your family, and the health of the environment. Your typical home’s tap water often contains heavy metals, bacterial components, foreign and suspended particles, and harmful toxins and contaminants that can have direct negative effects on your health. With Morclēr, you have the power to eliminate all those toxic variables and rest assured the water you and your family are consuming is safe.

Morclēr's unique six-stage water filtration and purifying system combines the power of reverse osmosis with Moringa’s cleansing properties to deliver clean, pure, drinkable water. This patent pending technology substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water. In fact, it’s so effective it can turn any tap water source into quality, better-than-bottled drinking water while providing great-tasting, pure water the whole family can safely enjoy—especially in combination with Zija’s great products like Core Moringa SuperMix, SmartMix, XM+, Premium and Daily Tea, and Ripstix Hydrate, Ignite, Recover, and Fuel!



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