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The Get Qualified Rock Stars, Zija International

The Get Qualified Rock Stars


We are thrilled to recognize Cathy Lanier, Tammy Bridenstine, and Missy Schuiteman as the Get Qualified Rock Stars! These three women have been leading the Get Qualified Bonus in impressive enrollment numbers. Not only do they show hard work, dedication, and tenacity when it comes to building their Zija businesses, they are inspiring dozens of individuals to join the Natural Health Revolution and achieve a Life Unlimited! Learn more about what drives these individuals to succeed and get inspired by their words of wisdom below:



What's the one thing that you've done to create success in your business?
For the past three years, I've had a Facebook group to share stories about how a more natural way of raising dogs and how to give them higher quality lives. My first introduction to SuperMix was instruction to use it to help a dog that had some challenges. We got remarkable results, and after my husband and I used the products and achieved weight release we had attempted for years, we were certainly hooked. My contacts through the yorkie group really blew our business open. But, more importantly, the testimonials we get every day telling us how we've helped dogs really helps us spread the word to introduce these products-first as a means to improve our pets' quality of life, and then to share them to the pet guardians who are looking to feel better too.

What is your go-to tool to educate and interact with people about Zija?
I would say that I first refer people to our Facebook page, then, if they have specific pet needs, send them over to my exclusively pet group. Dr. Plant's Advisory Board page is also a good source for informative videos and information to share on our groups. It's very easy to develop relationships on social media, and it allows you to reach out to exponentially more people than traditional sales models. By showing people just a few posts or articles, you can quickly determine what interests them most, and customize their purchasing experience to their specific needs.

What does Life Unlimited mean to you and how does Zija help you achieve it?
Life Unlimited means having the time and resource freedom so you're not so focused on your day-to-day worries. It's so you can enjoy your life while sharing some of the best products that also offer a great and reasonably achievable business opportunity. We are building our Zija business to realize our dream of moving to our happy place in Florida eventually, and to be able to pursue more passion projects, rather than our typical IT and management careers at which we've worked all our lives. Life Unlimited means freedom and the health to enjoy it!



What do you do specifically to get people to join you in the Natural Health Revolution?
Everyone says my energy and passion is what attracts them to me! I am 110% all in when I share the Natural Health Revolution with everyone I know and anyone I meet! I use social media frequently (as I have a very energetic 4-year-old daughter, Bradly) so, I use that as a platform to share all over the world! Especially with my team in Australia! We can stay connected anywhere at any time!

What buzzwords are you listening for from people that indicate you should share Zija with them? And what do you do once you decide to share Zija with those people?
I'm around other busy moms a lot! So, I listen for "no energy," "need to lose weight," "I have brain fog," "I need to tone up!'' etc. I don't go out to do "Zija," I go out to do "life" and Zija just naturally happens and comes up in conversations! I don't hide what we have or what we do for others. In my opinion, we have literally SOMETHING for EVERYONE. And, all the science, research, and validation to back it up! I usually have a sample or two on me so I just let them sample for themselves and we always connect on Facebook.

What does Life Unlimited mean to you and how does Zija help you achieve it?
It means being home with my AMAZING daughter Bradly since she was born! I've never had to leave her at daycare or with a babysitter. It means we make up our own schedules and days and I know I am raising her to be the very best she can be! Anyone that knows Bradly knows she is super special! To be able to make a full-time income from home (I used to be a PE/Health Teacher and Coach) is seriously the best! And, for me to feel and look my best in my mid 30s, WHILE helping others do the same is my definition of Life Unlimited! I'm forever grateful this opportunity fell into my lap!! thank you for letting me share my story!



What's the one thing that you've done to create success in your business?
Be plugged in to the system!

What is your go-to tool to educate and interact with people about Zija?
We have private groups on Facebook with articles and information. If they don't have Facebook I will go to them with tools I have. Then we have webinars every Sunday to get the people the information they need.

What does Life Unlimited mean to you and how does Zija help you achieve it?
It's opened so many doors for me, never in my life would I think I would be able to stay home and run a business from there! I have never worked for company that helps you achieve your goals, gives bonuses, has great customer service, and that I truly, with my heart, believe in!

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