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Introducing the Customer Shopping Cart Experience


With a company-wide effort to simplify and enhance our focus on customer acquisition, we have created three simple ways for you to easily share products with your prospective Customers.

In this article you'll find an explanatory video and three easy ways to utilize our new shopping cart, so you can continue to easily share your Zija products and grow your business!


  1. Sign into your Member Back Office through
  2. Click Enroll in the top menu bar.
  3. Click Link Generator.
  4. Once the Link Generator is open, select which Member type (Distributor/Customer) you’d like to Enroll, the country in which they are located, their initial purchase, their Zija Rewards Purchase (or, recurring order).
  5. Once you’ve made your selections, click Generate Link.
  6. Share the link with your prospective customer—when they checkout you get credit for the sale!
  7. Visit the Link History summary to see and store your go-to links you’ve created for past customers—reuse your favorite links as many times as you want!

Helpful tip: The customized Member Back Office generated link will contain your selections including the pre-filled cart with wholesale pricing, their initial order, their Zija Rewards Purchase order, and your Referral Code (Member ID#).


  1. Sign into your Member Back Office through
  2. Click Enroll in the top menu bar.
  3. Click Customer Enrollment—this will open the corporate website, with your Referral Code built into the URL.
  4. Share this link with your prospective Customers so they can shop at their leisure.
  5. When creating their account, your Referral Code will be automatically added, giving them Wholesale pricing and giving you credit for the sale!


  1. Send prospects to to shop at their leisure; all you have to do is simply share Zija’s Corporate website,, and your Referral Code (Member ID#), which they will enter at account creation and checkout.
  2. Using your Referral Code, they will receive Wholesale pricing and you receive credit for the sale!

Additionally, we’ve made it easier than ever to manage your account, view your past orders, set up and edit Zija Rewards Purchases (recurring orders), see your current subscriptions (like Zija Premium), and view your product wish list! You can find all these features once you’ve logged into your account, under the Manage Your Account section on the site.

We’re excited to be opening the door for customers to share and experience the benefits of Zija’s products like never before. In an effort to continually support you and your growing Zija business, our culture of service, value, and loyalty has been emphasized in the creation of our new Customer sharing features.

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