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Belinda Byfield, Natural Health Revolution Ambassador with Zija International

Natural Health Revolution Ambassador: Belinda Byfield


At Zija, our focus is embracing the Natural Health Revolution—the idea that a better life is possible through naturally restoring the body. To help further this cause, we choose a group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody a Life Unlimited.

These ambassadors serve in this role for up to one year and receive specialized training so they can hold meetings in various markets across the country. Ambassador Belinda Byfield describes in her own words what Zija’s Natural Health Revolution means to her.

Q: Why did you join Zija International?
A: I realized that I was at a place in my life where I knew that if I didn’t change something my life would be exactly the same in one year, five years, and beyond, and I was not okay with that. My husband was away at work 90% of the time and I felt like a single mom. I was constantly feeling sick and tired and I knew there had to be a better way because what we were doing, wasn’t working.

Q: How did you become a leader at Zija and a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador?
A: My journey has been incredible, and every area of my life has grown. I’m a better mom, wife, friend and most importantly a better me. The personal growth Zija International encourages us to make allows me to continually evolve into the best version of me.

Q: What tips do you have for others wanting to become a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador?
A: Anyone that wants to be part of something bigger than themselves can become a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador. Choose to exemplify the four pillars of Life Unlimited and have that become your life. By doing that, you will inspire others to step up and be the best version of themselves too.

Q: Why is living a healthier lifestyle and being a part of the Natural Health Revolution important to you?
A: It has become part of our lives and we live, breathe, and sleep it. As a mom I want to be the best example that I can for my children and the Natural Health Revolution allows me to do that. I now have my life back—I was run down, exhausted, tired, and even though I had everything I wanted (married to an incredible man and three gorgeous and healthy children) I was not happy. The Natural Health Revolution feeds my soul from the inside out—from the nutrition I consume everyday to what the Natural Health Revolution stands for and the impact I get to have on thousands of people because I have attached my name to it.

Q: What does Life Unlimited mean to you?
A: Life Unlimited to me means family, and Zija gave me my family back. Time is something you cannot buy, yet it’s our most precious commodity. Because we partnered with Zija we are creating our own Life Unlimited meaning we can do what we want, when we want, with who we want. I love that by doing this we are teaching our children by example to dream big, never settle for mediocrity and that they can achieve whatever they want to.

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