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Natural Health Revolution Ambassador: Dennis Estes


At Zija, our focus is embracing the Natural Health Revolution-the idea that a better life is possible through naturally nourishing, enhancing, and restoring the body. To help further this cause, we chose a group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody a Life Unlimited.

These Natural Health Ambassadors serve in this role for up to one year and receive specialized trainings to hold meetings in various markets across the globe. Ambassador Dennis Estes gives us some insight into what Life Unlimited means to him.

Q: Why did you get started with Zija International?
A: After spending 25 years working for the same company, the time came to move on. Having 37+ years of experience in the networking profession, I knew there was certain criteria for my next opportunity and four key elements of a company emerged: 1) it had to be a company with an infrastructure in place to be a legacy company; 2) the owner had to have heart, compassion and a vision for the future; 3) it had to be a good opportunity for inexperienced and seasoned distributors alike; 4) the product had to be impactful and have the potential to help change people's lives. With Zija we found all of that and more.

Q: What tips/motivation do you have for others wanting to become a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador?
A: An ambassador is someone who acts as a representative or promoter of a specific activity. I guess the first step is to walk the talk; be of service. If you focus on the basics, such as always being of service to others and your team, the foundation to becoming an ambassador is already laid. The great basketball coach John Wooden said, "If there's anything you could point out where I was a little different, it's the fact that I never mentioned winning." Coach Wooden taught to always improve yourself. Be a little better you each day and the winning takes care of its self. The NHR is a way for us to improve a little each and every day. Following the four pillars of Life Unlimited: 1) Creating a health through naturally nourishing our bodies, naturally conditioning our bodies, and naturally restoring our bodies; 2) Develop personally every day; 3) Live an active lifestyle each day; and 4) Work on achieving financial freedom each day, does allow us to improve. Then winning at living a Life Unlimited takes care of its self. I believe if you have a desire to be a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador, then you should walk, talk, and act as if you were already an Ambassador.

Q: What does Life Unlimited mean to you?
A: To me, Life Unlimited is simply having the freedom to live healthily, make a difference in the lives of others, and be of service in a way that will make the biggest impact. Take time to sharpen the saw. I can follow my own path to be who I want, to do what I want, and to have what I want.

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