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NHR Education Week, Zija International

NHR Education Week


Introducing NHR Education Week—where Zija Product Advisory Council Members share information and insights to certain topics related to the Natural Health Revolution. These week-long series will be featured on Cycle 1 of the Period and will continue to be broadcast on the Dr. Plant and the Zija Product Advisory Council Facebook Page. The next NHR Education Week will be February 5-9, 2018.

This Period's topics are: 

Core Solutions: Zija: The Moringa Leader

Beyond Beauty Report: Soothing Wintertime Hand Dryness with GenM Moringa Silk Hand Creme

Facts and Findings: Why Zija? Why Now? 

Everyday Essentials: Differentiating the Two Frankincense Species

Friday Fit Fix: Post-Activity Recovery Tips: Ripstix Recover and Core Moringa Plant Protein

Through the NHR Education Week, we hope to have the opportunity to delve deeper into these topics and learn more than ever before about Zija products and timely subjects. It will give you, Zija Nation, the chance to connect with our Zija Product Advisory Council Members and maintain a conversation with them regarding any questions or comments you may have about Zija products or certain topics discussed throughout the week. We look forward to the first NHR Education Week and can't wait to learn and grow as a Zija family!

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