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James McFadden, Natural Health Revolution Ambassador with Zija International

Natural Health Revolution Ambassador: James McFadden


At Zija, our focus is embracing the Natural Health Revolution-the idea that a better life is possible through naturally nourishing, enhancing, and restoring the body. To help further this cause, we chose a group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody a Life Unlimited.

These Natural Health Ambassadors serve in this role for up to one year and receive specialized trainings to hold meetings in various markets across the globe. Ambassador James McFadden describes in his own words what Zija's Natural Health Revolution means to him.

Q: Why did you join Zija International?
A: Honestly, I joined Zija because my health was in trouble. Someone reached out to me and said they had something I might be interested in. In that meeting, I was introduced to Tom Waggoner. Once I met Tom, I realized that Zija as a company and opportunity must be special to have Tom be a part of it. In an instant, my journey began. For anyone looking for a home business opportunity, look at three very important things:

  1. Who is behind/leading the company?
  2. Is it structured well, and do the products work and are they high quality
  3. Do they have great leadership in place? Come join our family and find out for yourself.

Q: How did you become a leader at Zija and a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador?
A: If I'm being honest, in the beginning it wasn't about becoming a Natural Health Revolution Ambassador or wanting to reach any specific position in Zija. My number one priority was to get better, feel better, and go down the path of a healthier life for myself and my family. I then became passionate about helping as many people as I could. For the first time in my life, after being in business for over 20 years, I found a business opportunity that gave me a purpose-a purpose that was fueled by life-changing products.

Q: What tips do you have for others wanting to become a leader in network marketing?
A: Understand that the greatest skill you can ever posses is being you. Put people before profit, and be sincere in everything you do. We are not in the selling business, but rather we are in the business of helping people.

Q: Why is the Natural Health Revolution important to you?
A: It's important to me because I feel personally responsible to get out there and let people know about the Natural Health Revolution. What does it matter if I created a life changing story and have found a true meaning of living Life Unlimited if I don't help others experience the same thing?

Q: What does Life Unlimited mean to you?
A: For me, living Life Unlimited is being free to live a healthier and better quality of life. It also means financial freedom and giving back to others.

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