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Zija's Supermix

Price Updates


Every few years Zija reviews and reevaluates its cost structure to stay up-to-date with market trends and pricing, to be both fair and cost-effective. We have several new product prices—a majority of which have been lowered to meet market demand and to promote an attainable natural lifestyle. In addition, there has been a minor increase on a handful of our products. These pricing changes will go live March 31, 2018. To see the newly updated 2018 product catalog, click HERE

In light of price updates, Zija Reward Point redemption will now be tied to a dynamic pricing model, which will adjust each Period based on inventory and demand. This means each product’s Zija Reward Point value will fluctuate depending on that Period’s market need and Zija’s current product stock levels. Additionally, the annual Membership renewal fee has been raised from $20 to $25. 



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