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Zija Leadership Success Trip, Zija International

Zija Leadership Success Trip


Achieving a leadership Rank at Zija is a HUGE milestone, and we want to celebrate it with you at our next Leadership Success Trip in Zija’s home state of Utah!

Qualification Period: Periods 123 – 125 (January 6, 2018 – March 30, 2018)
Event Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Event Dates: May 10 - 12, 2018

Achieve the Rank of Bronze through Emerald for the first time, in at least one Cycle of two consecutive Periods between Period 123 and Period 125. Maintain the Rank of Builder 1000 or above at least once per Period until Period 125.


  • Hotel accommodations
  • A tour of Zija's corporate offices, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities
  • Meals at Leadership Success Trip events
  • Business and team building activities
  • Intimate leadership and personal development training
  • Travel benefit: Bronze Qualifier - $200; Silver Qualifier - $300; Gold Qualifier - $600; White Gold Qualifier - $800; Platinum Qualifier - $1000; Emerald Qualifier - $1200 

For complete details and full document, click here or on the PDF found under "Important Documents," to the left.


  1. This program is for Zija Members in the United States and Canada only.
  2. Travel credit is awarded at the higher qualification Rank achieved during the promotion. Travel credit is not accumulative if multiple new Ranks are achieved.
  3. Travel Credit will be paid before the end of the Period following the event. Qualifier must be present to qualify.
  4. If qualifying as a Bronze or a Silver, the event can only be attended by the primary account holder. A secondary account holder listed on the account may attend, but he or she must pay for his or her travel expenses, hotel accommodations, meals, activities, etc.
  5. If qualifying for Gold or higher, the invitation to the event includes a family member or a significant other. The travel benefit is per qualifying account, not per person attending.
  6. One must maintain activity for all Cycles of the qualifying Periods in order to qualify for the Leadership Success Trip.
  7. Qualifier is in charge of all transportation to and from airport.

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