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Greg & Tamara Bibb

Black Diamond
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“In late 2009 we were introduced to the Zija products by Robbie Davis. We both noticed immediate health improvements and had a combined weight loss of 60 lbs.! We knew that we had something special – something that was filling a nutritional void in our lives – and wanted to share it with everyone that we knew and loved. We vowed that these products would be a staple in our household and in all of our families’ as well.

I grew up in Guthrie, Kentucky. True to tradition, I played a lot of basketball. I was awarded a full basketball scholarship to Tennessee Technological University where I earned my degree in physical education. I also played professional basketball in Indonesia. After returning to the United States, I began my career as a high school basketball coach and, most recently, served as head basketball coach, head golf coach, and assistant principal at Pickett County High School in Byrdstown, Tennessee.

Tamara is from Celina, Tennessee and was also involved in sports from an early age. She has a passion for children with disabilities and received her degree in special education from Tennessee Technological University. While at the university, she served as a sports trainer for the men’s basketball team, which is how we met. After graduation, Tamara worked as a special education teacher, girl’s softball coach, and assistant girl’s basketball coach, also at Pickett County High School.

Before becoming involved with Zija, we were a two-income family with no time, no money, hurting from physical injuries, and sinking fast!

In late summer 2011, less than twenty months after being introduced to Zija, we were able to resign from our teaching and coaching professions to pursue the Zija business full time.

Now our days are spent with family doing the things that we love and helping our team members achieve the same. We enjoy health, an active lifestyle, personal development, financial and time freedom, and all of the other things that truly make Life Unlimited. We owe it all to Zija!”