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Man With A Vision

The Zija story begins with one man viewing a documentary about a tree grown in faraway lands. His interest piqued as he observed people being sustained by consuming small amounts of this nutrient-rich botanical, called Moringa oleifera. This man is Ken Brailsford, a pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, the “Father of Herbal Encapsulation,” and the Founder of Zija International.

Long before Zija International became a household name, Ken had already successfully started and run two multi-million dollar health and nutrition product network marketing companies. Although he was retired when he first learned of Moringa, Ken felt inspired by its potential to change the world. He came out of retirement and began learning as much as he could from the worlds best scientists, biochemists, botanists, pharmacologists and product formulators.

Ken also assembled an impressive executive team to help spread the Zija message and empower our Independent Distributors in every way possible. He chose Ryan Palmer to lead the company, with the goal of rapid and sustainable growth at the top of both of their minds.

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Ryan Palmer


Ryan, who comes from a successful sales background, has worked closely with Zija’s Distributors since the company’s early days, and has been well-mentored by Ken, has helped Zija grow from an idea into a powerhouse that’s poised for incredible things. He and Ken both share a vision for Zija’s potential as a legacy company, which will be around forever and benefit generations of individuals and families going forward. Ryan is guiding the company toward this goal and helping everyone involved work toward their own Life Unlimited.

Our Brands

Health, Wellness and Beauty for All

Our health and well-being are under attack; we need a Natural Health Revolution to help us naturally nourish, naturally restore and naturally condition the body. Each of Zija’s product brands fills a unique void and serves a distinct purpose in this revolution; these include Core Moringa® Supplements, Améo® Essential Oils, Ripstix® Active Life Supplements, and GenM® Personal Care.

Core Moringa.

Core Moringa® Supplements

Nourisher. Beautician. Humanitarian. Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera contains 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.

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Améo Essential Oils

Améo® Essential Oils

Pure Nature. Sound Science. Rich Life. Because our premier essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, and backed by cutting-edge scientific research and development, we are proud to share them with you and those you care about.

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GenM® Personal Care

Because everyone wants to look and feel their very best, Zija’s team of scientists, nutritionists and beauty experts has teamed up with Mother Nature to look at how proper skin, body and hair care can assist in a more natural way. Our cutting-edge and natural line of personal care products featuring Moringa oleifera is bridging the generation gap to give health, wellness and beauty back to the masses.

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